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Conference Call

I received an email a few days ago about a conference call that all of the countries except Oman would participate in. We called into this fancy conference call program, told to mute our phones, and talked for about an hour about traveling to our country. I was surprised that in an hour so many questions were answered, but also that so many questions arose. I guess I will just have to wait for more info. But I found out that Thailand scholars leave July 1st!!!



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Yes, the title of this post is sorta cheesy, but I was at the burger joint drive thru in a crazy huge line, thinking about my double double and chocolate milkshake and of course Yes Abroad. A few days later, I’m on the bus and the wall posts come crashing in. I was double tasking, texting Jai (An amazing girl from Yes Abroad who is going to Oman) and she told me she got into Yes Abroad Oman. I freaked out thinking I was rejected because it seemed like everyone received an acceptance email except me. (Actually like Jai said, only 10 people had found out) 30 minutes later, I check my email, and….. OMFG I GOT IN TO YES ABROAD THAILAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Senior Year Thailand here I come!

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Am I “Good” Enough???

That was the question I and 74 other Yes Abroad candidates were asking ourselves everyday for about three weeks. All I wanted was to be accepted to the Yes program and spend my senior year abroad. Daily, about 65 Yes semi-finalists would stalk facebook for the tiniest tidbit of information about when we found out. The anticipation drew on when the date we were supposed to be notified came, and then passed. I kept in touch with many of the semi-finalists and absolutely couldn’t focus in school AT ALL! Basically my day went like this:

Wake Up

Go to school

Freak out about my acceptance or denial

Come home

Attempt to do homework while always checking my mom’s email

Go to sleep and dream about Yes Abroad

I came to the conclusions that 1: I was obsessing over this scholarship and 2: I would be devastated but understanding if I didn’t get in because I REALLY wanted to get in, but that might not because all of the people at Yes Abroad were amazingly talented.

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On My Way To Denver

So, I’m writing this post weeks after I traveled to Denver, just another casualty of my procrastination! Again, I traveled to Denver to participate in an In Person Selection Event hosted by Yes Abroad, a study abroad scholarship program. 74 other participants and I were flown to Denver to interview for the scholarship. On my flight, actually right next to me, was Liliana. During the flight we didn’t talk much, basically I slept and she talked with a guy in the window seat. But after we got off the flight, by chance we discovered that we went to the same Chinese-Immersion public elementary school. Weird coincidence. Okay, now back to my arrival in Denver. The first minute of our arrival we were left in this huge conference room and told to “get to know each other.” Thats definitely not what 75 jet-lagged teens wanted to do for 5 hours. The three day IPSE event consisted of a bunch of mini graded activities, info packed seminars, cultural exchange dialogues, and one intensely nerve racking interview. But I met the most amazing, motivated, knowledgeable bunch of kids ever. And on top of that, I’m friends with many of them after only 3 days! The IPSE event wound down on monday, and as a mini send off, a bunch of us walked every kid in our airport group off to their gate.

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