Am I “Good” Enough???

That was the question I and 74 other Yes Abroad candidates were asking ourselves everyday for about three weeks. All I wanted was to be accepted to the Yes program and spend my senior year abroad. Daily, about 65 Yes semi-finalists would stalk facebook for the tiniest tidbit of information about when we found out. The anticipation drew on when the date we were supposed to be notified came, and then passed. I kept in touch with many of the semi-finalists and absolutely couldn’t focus in school AT ALL! Basically my day went like this:

Wake Up

Go to school

Freak out about my acceptance or denial

Come home

Attempt to do homework while always checking my mom’s email

Go to sleep and dream about Yes Abroad

I came to the conclusions that 1: I was obsessing over this scholarship and 2: I would be devastated but understanding if I didn’t get in because I REALLY wanted to get in, but that might not because all of the people at Yes Abroad were amazingly talented.


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