Conference Call

I received an email a few days ago about a conference call that all of the countries except Oman would participate in. We called into this fancy conference call program, told to mute our phones, and talked for about an hour about traveling to our country. I was surprised that in an hour so many questions were answered, but also that so many questions arose. I guess I will just have to wait for more info. But I found out that Thailand scholars leave July 1st!!!



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5 responses to “Conference Call

  1. Emma

    Wait, everyone but Oman participated? Man, I feel left out now. 😛 I thought it was all the AFS kids but not Amideast or iEarn!

    Miss you Tyler!

  2. thattotallyhappens

    You guys leave July 1st? Lucky! You’re going to have a great time, by the way your writing is not cheesy and thoroughly enjoyed it!!

    • Hey Adriana! Yea we leave on july 1st I think so excited. But Ghana that sounds sooooooo fun, I would be jealous but Im to excited for thailand! And thanks, ahah idk when I read it, it sounds so weird lol, and I like your blog. Ill make sure to read it when Im in Thailand. Cant wait to see you all in DC!!!

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