On My Way To Denver

So, I’m writing this post weeks after I traveled to Denver, just another casualty of my procrastination! Again, I traveled to Denver to participate in an In Person Selection Event hosted by Yes Abroad, a study abroad scholarship program. 74 other participants and I were flown to Denver to interview for the scholarship. On my flight, actually right next to me, was Liliana. During the flight we didn’t talk much, basically I slept and she talked with a guy in the window seat. But after we got off the flight, by chance we discovered that we went to the same Chinese-Immersion public elementary school. Weird coincidence. Okay, now back to my arrival in Denver. The first minute of our arrival we were left in this huge conference room and told to “get to know each other.” Thats definitely not what 75 jet-lagged teens wanted to do for 5 hours. The three day IPSE event consisted of a bunch of mini graded activities, info packed seminars, cultural exchange dialogues, and one intensely nerve racking interview. But I met the most amazing, motivated, knowledgeable bunch of kids ever. And on top of that, I’m friends with many of them after only 3 days! The IPSE event wound down on monday, and as a mini send off, a bunch of us walked every kid in our airport group off to their gate.


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