Yes, the title of this post is sorta cheesy, but I was at the burger joint drive thru in a crazy huge line, thinking about my double double and chocolate milkshake and of course Yes Abroad. A few days later, I’m on the bus and the wall posts come crashing in. I was double tasking, texting Jai (An amazing girl from Yes Abroad who is going to Oman) and she told me she got into Yes Abroad Oman. I freaked out thinking I was rejected because it seemed like everyone received an acceptance email except me. (Actually like Jai said, only 10 people had found out) 30 minutes later, I check my email, and….. OMFG I GOT IN TO YES ABROAD THAILAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Senior Year Thailand here I come!


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One response to “In-N-Out

  1. Jai

    Hahaha hey I got a shout out! Lol, you’re such an awesome kid, Ty you totally deserved to go & now we all are! 😀 & I like your blog, it’s not cheesy at all. Can’t wait to see you & everyone in DC!!!!

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